Cool Spinners under $5

Is this your first time buying a spinner? Or maybe you want a new one for a cheap price? Look no farther, because in the article we will show you some great deals on cheap*, cool starter spinners!

Basic Spinners:

This spinner is fairly close to the budget cap. However it is a quality well-made spinner. Do not count on this one breaking easily.

($4) Link to Product on


Next up we have a basic spinner design with a cool starry sky color. This one is fairly cheap too!

($2) Link to Product on


If you prefer something that glows. You can get this glow in the dark spinner for under $3!

($2) Link to Product on


The last basic spinner we are showing you is a light up LED spinner.

($2) Link to Product on


Advance Spinners:

Advance spinners are very cool and come in different designs. Here are 4 awesome spinners that are under $5!

($2) Link to Product on


This spinner has five weights and has a 1-3 minute spin time!

($2) Link to Product on


If you want something a little more interesting, you can get this crazy Chinese Dragon Spinner!!!

($3) Link to Product on


Last but not least. The Tri-Ninja Star Spinner with a rainbow finish.

($3) Link to Product on


We hope you enjoy these spinners! These are all great for a starter collector or even a collector interesting in expanding his/her collection.




*Keep in mind some of these products may be on sale and wont be under $5 otherwise

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